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Don’t suffer one minute of downtime for your business due to electrical issues – call our team of Miami commercial electricians!

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Does your commercial building need electrical work? Our team of expert Miami commercial electricians is here to provide high-quality solutions for all of your electrical needs, including repairs, lighting installation, and more. The future of your business is bright when you work with Dynamic Volt!

Our Commercial Electrical Services

Dynamic Volt’s goal is to optimize the safety, efficiency, and style of your building with top-notch electrical work. Our electricians are certified, experienced, and have completed hundreds of successful commercial electrical projects. Whether you need brand new wiring or you’re looking to patch up unprofessional electrical work, we’re the right team for the job! 

Not only do we work with efficiency and professionalism, but we also work with the utmost safety to ensure the wiring is properly installed. Our installation techniques greatly reduce the risks associated with faulty wirings like fires and injuries.

There are countless benefits to commercial electrical services. Are you interested in upgrading to energy-efficient lighting and cutting back on your power bills? Our energy-efficient lighting systems and lighting controls include technology like fluorescent bulbs, timers, and occupancy sensors to decrease the amount of electricity your building consumes.

Are you looking to enhance your building’s safety by adding new parking lot lighting? We’ll evaluate your parking lot’s current lighting and make suggestions for how we can brighten up space and make it safer while coming and going. Our outdoor lighting systems will enhance your property without wasting energy or reducing visibility for passing vehicles.

Dynamic Volt makes it easy to maintain a high-quality commercial space!

Miami Commercial Electricians - Dynamic Volt

What Is Included in Our Commercial Electrical Services?

Our electricians at Dynamic Volt have served Miami-area businesses for over 10 years. As a full-service electric company, we can handle almost any commercial electrical you have in mind – if you don’t see your project on this list, give us a call!

We’re just as adept at installing wiring into brand new construction as we are at re-wiring older buildings. Our residential electrical contractors in Miami will ensure the lighting and electrical systems are installed safely and effectively.

Repairs are necessary when you run into issues like flickering lights, frequently tripped breakers and power outages. Our expert technicians are on-call for 24/7 emergency repairs. With our experience and licensure, we’ll be able to accurately diagnose the issue and come up with fast, effective repairs.

We offer safe, affordable wiring services for both new construction and remodeled buildings. Electrical wiring is a critical part of your building since it supports everything from the IT infrastructure to the security system.

Lighting is an essential part of your commercial building, from illuminating the building’s interior when it’s dark to keeping the parking lot safe at night. We install a variety of lighting options to meet your building’s needs and budget. We even offer energy-efficient lighting options like LEDs to cut down on your expenses while saving the environment.

Generators will keep your building up and running when the power grid fails, which is an event that would otherwise lead to a power outage. A generator will keep important systems like lighting and air conditioning running. We offer generators of various sizes and output capacities, so our electricians will help you choose the right one for your building’s energy consumption needs.

Electrical panels that are old or improperly maintained often can’t keep up with your building’s needs. This is because modern technology like appliances, computers, and HVAC systems require more energy than they did in the past. We’ll upgrade your old electrical panel to a newer unit that will keep up with your needs without causing pesky short circuits or tripped breakers.

Meter boxes tell the utility company much energy you use each month, but a malfunctioning meter can lead to inaccurate measurements and unfairly high bills. We’ll repair the meter to restore its accuracy.

GFI outlets are a safety feature that shuts off if they short-circuit or get wet. They’re an important safety feature and prevent hazards including fires and electrocutions. Plus, they’re required by law in certain areas like kitchens and bathrooms. We can install GFI outlets in new construction sights or convert existing non-GFI outlets into grounded outlets.

Are you unsure if your building’s electrical system is safe and up to code? Our electricians will perform a thorough inspection of the wiring, circuitry, electrical panels, and more. We’ll let you know if we spot any issues that need to be repaired or upgraded!

How to Hire the Miami Commercial Electricians from Dynamic Volt?

Interested in upgrading your Miami business with our top-notch electrical services? For more than ten years, Dynamic Volt has worked with business owners to enhance their electrical systems with reliable installation, maintenance, and repair work. 

Reach out today and we’ll provide you with a fair quote for your project. Our work is priced competitively and is an excellent value for the quality of service you can look forward to. Our expert Miami commercial electricians will get the job done right and on schedule, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of downtime affecting your business. 

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